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the hell?

A starting point!

Posted by my_nindo on 2009.01.07 at 16:54
[He's standing outside the gates of Konoha, an utterly confused look on his face. How the hell did he get here? The last thing he remembers, he was training by the oil pool. Turns, his eyes wide as he takes in the deserted village entrance, the wind blowing through the empty streets.]

Tsunade-baa-chan? Sakura-chan?

[When he gets no response, he heads into the village, his eyes peeled for anyone.]

What's going on 'ttebayo?

naruto v usagi

Have some rules!

Posted by koohii_cafe on 2009.01.06 at 04:02
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Alrighty guys! Let's lay down some groundrules!

1. dressingnojutsu can has naruto-verse characters only plz? Since it's, you know, a Naruto dressing room, here's to hoping that we have no random non-verse pups jumping it. This doesn't exclude original characters set in the Naruto universe or alternate Naruto characters, but no random... Dragonball characters or anything please.

2. There is no application or prerequisite (other than being a naruto-verse pup) to join! There's no limit on how many versions of one character can join. There's also no limit on how many character you the mun can join with! Like most other dressing rooms, this is just informal fun RPing. So therefore, join with 65,424,687 character and spread the Naruto love!

3. Your pup doesn't have to be a member of any particular RP to join, all they need to do is have a journal! You can use freebie journals you just have sitting around, you can use journals that are already members of other RP comms, you can use any journal, really! Long as they're naruto-verse, you're cool!

4. There is no particular form of posting. You can post as if your pup is writing in a journal community if you like, or you can post as if it's a physical situation. Everything accepted! Remember, this is an informal rp just for fun! There is no real continuity, just random spazziness!

5. What happens IC, stays IC. What happens OOC, stays OOC. I cannot stress this enough! I'm not asking all muns to be best friends, but please don't let OOC fights interfere with IC interaction, and please don't let an IC fight make you mad OOC. Let's make nice and share the sandbox!

6. I won't bar adult stuff, but plznthks be sure that anything that might possibly be not work friendly or not work safe? Put it under a cut with warning above the cut! Heaven only knows where someone might be cruising the comm from, and we don't want people getting in trouble! Adult stuff might take the form of anything from excessive cursing to sexual stuffies.

7. And, the usual, no godmoding, no forcing your ships on others, no excessive wangst, etc. All the common sense stuff! <3