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A starting point!

[He's standing outside the gates of Konoha, an utterly confused look on his face. How the hell did he get here? The last thing he remembers, he was training by the oil pool. Turns, his eyes wide as he takes in the deserted village entrance, the wind blowing through the empty streets.]

Tsunade-baa-chan? Sakura-chan?

[When he gets no response, he heads into the village, his eyes peeled for anyone.]

What's going on 'ttebayo?
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[... That was NOT what he expected to find... Instead, he stares in shock for a moment... It can't be. Haku- Haku died years ago. What kind of trick is this? An enemy ninja using an illusion to try and fool him? Naruto growls, reaching to his kunai holster, slipping one out.]

Who are you! [The village is empty. Maybe it's an illusion too? Or perhaps this is the one who made is empty.] You can't trick me with that face! Haku died years ago!


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(standing there Haku blinked heavily, swaying off to the side just a little bit as his balance started to fail him. He still felt rather weak, looking at Naruto with a slightly dazed look Haku held his ground. He didn't blame Naruto for acting how he did, he was sure that the sight of him would upset him. However at his words, his eyes widened just a little bit)

...Years...(had it really been that long? Naruto-kun did look older then he had remembered)

(offering a very tired and weak smile Haku took a small in take of breath before speaking) I am who I am, Naruto-kun...I can promise you I am Haku...I don't...I don't know what's going on. (a small pale hand reached up and gently pressed itself against the bloodly hole in his chest)

...I apologize for upsetting you.
[Seeing him sway like that, the hole in his chest, makes Naruto flinch. It's a memory that is still vivid in his mind, that will never fade- Haku standing before Zabuza, Kakashi's hand through his chest. He died protecting his dream. Can he really afford to think this is actually Haku, would it desecrate his long dead friend? Tightens his grip on the kunai, not throwing it, not yet. He should, to protect Konoha, but-]

You can't be him! Why are you using that face? How dare you violate his memory!

[Stalks towards the impostor. If it's an enemy ninja who attacks, he's prepared to defend himself. But...]


January 8 2009, 22:36:14 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  January 8 2009, 22:37:31 UTC

(He truly was pathetic...he couldn't even die propperly. Now Naruto was getting more angry by the minute and seeing that flinch made his heart ache just a little bit more knowning that he was the cause behind all of this.)

I use this face because it is my is no trick. I don...I don't know what is going on. I remember a flash of white light...then nothing...then I wake up...and I am here...

(Once more Haku stood his ground, looking at him with a blank face but finding it impossible to hide the pain behind his eyes Haku spoke in a small voice)

...Please Naruto-kun...tell Zabuza-san here?

(OOC: and ffffffff, the bloodly hole in his chest...I meant the bloody hole in his shirt, the chest is fine. S-sorry)
[The pained look tears at his heart. Why? Asking for Zabuza, as if it's not well known that he died at the same place. It is- isn't it? He moves closer, eying Haku. Maybe it's not an illusion, or genjutsu... Close enough to touch now, he reaches out, his hand going to touch Haku's shoulder.]

H- Haku?

[ooc: heh, no problem. Naruto wasn't looking that closely. >.> He's too confused.]
(The shoulder touch brought a form of comfort to Haku, his tiny hand reached up and gently placed itself ontop of Naruto's, looking down at his hand slightly and then up to Naruto's face)

...Yes. (he spoke with a soft voice, as soothing as he could muster. A soft frown followed by the shake of a head, fatigue was once more setting in and Haku could feel his head throb with pain)
[Feeling that shoulder underneath his hand, real, his eyes immediately fill with concern. It really is him! And- he seems hurt. Grips Haku's other shoulder with his other hand, his eyes wide, worried.]

Are you okay? What's wrong, 'ttebayo? How did you get here? [He looks utterly confused, but turns quickly, orienting himself to which way the hospital is, hoping that someone will be there. He doesn't know any medical jutsu himself, only basic first aid.]
(his hand gave Naruto's hand a very gentle pat as Haku saw the worry in Naruto's eyes)

I am...fine for the most part...just confused and...worn out.

I don't know...I don't know what happened...where are we? (turns head around slightly)
This is Konoha, my village, but- there's no one here! Normally the streets at full of people! [Motioning towards the empty stalls and stands that make up the usually active market street. Behind, in the near distance, the mountain looms, the faces of the Hokages staring down.]